In management, as in any other social science, the system of ideas about reality adopted by consensus is of key importance, since it is directly expressed in the behavior of both an individual and entire public institutions, regardless of what happens in the physical world. In contrast to the provisions in the natural sciences, the systems of representations in the social sciences can and do change under the influence of new technological, social, demographic and economic realities.

The scientific issues of the conference are aimed at identifying new content, forms and processes of organizing management in the sphere of production, business and public life under the influence of new information and communication technologies and methods.

The main directions for scientific discussions are:

  • the transformation of the modern economy, bearing in mind the trends of its globalization, digitalization, distribution; transformation of enterprise business systems into business ecosystems;
  • study of changes in the content and forms of management, emerging under the influence of the transformation of its socio-economic environment;
  • the identification of new requirements for the training of managers in the context of the transformation of their functionality; study of the transformation of the social role of management.

Complete program will be available few days before the conference. However, lists of approved presentations for each section will be updated regularly.

Plenary Session

Faculty of Economics, Conference Hall
Moderator: Professor Victor S. Efremov
TimeName of PresenterPresentation's title
10:00-10-10Professor Nur Kirabaev, First Vice-Rector - Vice-Rector for Research, RUDN University, RussiaWelcome address to the conference participants
10:10-10-20Professor Yuri N. Moseykin, Dean, Faculty of Economics, RUDN University, RussiaWelcome address to the conference participants
10:20-10:45Professor George H. Stonehouse, United KingdomOutcome based leadership - how individuals can lead in the 21st Century
10:45-11:10Professor Natalia Y. Konina, Head of the Department of Management, Marketing and Foreign Economic Activities, MGIMO University, RussiaStrategies, Leadership and Management Challenges in the age of digital disruption
11:10-11:35Dr. Rolf Clauberg, InterKulturForum GmbH, SwitzerlandChallenges of Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence for modern economies and societies
11:35-12:00Professor Valery V. Maslennikov, Research Supervisor of the Department of Management Theory and Business Technologies, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, RussiaDigitalization of management: prospects for success or consolidation of backwardness?
12:00-12:25Professor Stanisław Walukiewicz, The Department of Engineering Management, University of Technology in Bialystok, PolandEconomic and managerial aspects of virtual services
12:30-13:00Discussion's PanelQuestions to Key Speakers from the audience
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Section 1.

Technologies, organizations and management in the conditions of the 4th industrial revolution

Faculty of Economics, Room 103
Moderator: Associate Professor Alexey V. Chernov
Discussant: Associate Professor Natalia S. Scherbakova
TimeName of PresenterPresentation's title
14:00-14:15Professor Victor S. Efremov, Head of Department of Management, Faculty of Economics, RUDN University, RussiaBehavioural context as the basis for meta-management in an era of total uncertainty
14:20-14:35Associate Professor Ekaterina Bykovskaia, Department of Economic Theory and World Economics, State University of Management (SUM), Moscow, RussiaBreakthrough innovations of Industry 4.0 as a factor of economic growth
16:40-16:55Associate Professor Alexey V. Chernov, RussiaThe usage of artificial intelligence in strategic decision making in terms of 4-th industrial revolution.
14:40-14:55Oleg B. Ivanov, Director Center of Social Conflicts Regulation, Moscow, RussiaManagement of Political Interests and Depoliticizing of Social Conflicts
15:00-15:15Jolan Velencei Keleti Faculty of Business and Management, Óbuda University, Budapest, HungaryThe Evaluation of Transport Vehicle Suppliers
15:20-15:35Anatoly S. Pilishvily, Director of Commission Business Development, PJSC “Bank Uralsib”, RussiaThe impact of digital technology on the development strategy of a financial corporation
15:40-15:55Ekaterina V. Kalygina, RussiaOrganizational Development: The Concept of the Age of an Organization
16:00-16:15Aleksandr A. Gusakov, RussiaImproving the Systems for Increasing the Manufacturability of Products under the Conditions of Industry 4.0
16:20-16:35Irina S. Shustova, RussiaBusiness transformation under the influence of the digital economy.
16:40-16:55Yulia A. Nazarova, Engineering Business and Management Department, RUDN University, RussiaIntegrated Investment Projects Performance Management.
17:00-17:15Sergey A. Zhiltsov, Engineering Business and Management Department, RUDN University, RussiaProject risk management of electric power supply of remote consumers.
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Section 2.

Manager as a profession in the digital age

Faculty of Economics, Room 105
Moderator: Associate Professor Professor Auzbi Z. Gusov
Discussant: Associate Professor Alla V. Vavilina
TimeName of PresenterPresentation's title
14:00-14:15Professor Auzbi Z. Gusov, The Department Management, Faculty of Economics, RUDN University, RussiaSocial resources and risks of the 4th industrial revolution for Russia
14:20-14:35Associate Professor Elena V. Lylova, RUDN University, Russia and Nadezhda A. McGinty, Newcastle College University Centre, United KingdomTransformation of the HR Management in Modern Organizations
14:40-14:55Aleksandr Z. Koberidze, RUDN University, GeorgiaSocial resources and risks of the 4th industrial revolution for Russia
15:00-15:15Tatiana V. Pogodina, Department of Management Financial University Under the Government of the Russian Federation , RussiaManagement of companies competitive ability on the basis of intellectual and technological leadership
15:20-15:35Olga V. Balandina, Academy of Labour and Social Relations, RussiaResearch of the managerial specialties student’s priorities in the process of education in the conditions of industry 4.0
15:40-15:55Alla A. Lysenko, Department of Comparative Politics, RUDN University, RussiaThe Impact of Migration Policy on the Russian Economy during the Reign of Catherine II
16:00-16:15Tatiana V. Komarova, Department of Management, RUDN University, RussiaSocial media as an effective tool for promoting an HR brand among young
16:20-16:35Aleksey A. Sigankov, Department of management, Russian technological university Moscow, RussiaKnowledge mapping as a task of personnel training of digital economy companies
16:40-16:55Sagaffe Boy Moustoifa, PhD student, Department of Management, Faculty of Economics, RUDN University, RussiaSmall Business as a Factor of Economic Development of the Indian Ocean Islands
17:00-17:15Associate Professor Victoria A. Chernova, Department of management, RUDN University, RussiaManagement of cross-cultural teams of international projects
17:20-17:35Alla V. Vavilina, Department of Management, Faculty of Economics, RUDN University, RussiaCyber Threats Information Security in the Digital Economy.
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Section 3.

New dimensions of the international and global management

Faculty of Economics, Room 109
Moderator: Professor Irina G. Vladimirova
Discussant: Associate Professor Elena V. Kolganova
TimeName of PresenterPresentation's title
14:00-14:15Professor Irina G. Vladimirova, The Department Management, Faculty of Economics, RUDN University, RussiaFeatures of digital companies international activities
14:20-14:35Regina Zsuzsánna Reicger, Obuda University Keleti Faculty of Business and Management, Budapest, HungaryProblems of small and medium enterprises - Here the new generation!?
14:40-14:55Anastasia I. Buzovich, MoldovaSuccess Factors and Failures of International Strategic Alliances
15:00-15:15Aleksandr L. Ivanov, RussiaGlobalization and international management - modern perspective.
15:20-15:35Elena V. Kolganova, Department of Management, Faculty of Economics, RUDN University, RussiaRole of Stakeholders in the BSC system development: University Case.
15:40-15:55Larisa V. Ryblina, Russia Chebols as a Korean economic "miracle".
16:00-16:15Marina Y. Khrushcheva, RussiaDigital transformation of business processes in Volkswagen AG.
16:20-16:35Munisa Abduzhaborova, TajikistanBackground and objectives of free economic zones.
16:40-16:55Gor G. Danielyan, ArmeniaProspects of economic development of the Republic of Armenia.
17:00-17:15Lubov P. Lesnova, RussiaThe strategic partnership as an effective use for the corporate social responsibility.
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